Tech Tips

  • There’s no such thing as “universal” antifreeze. The antifreeze market is changing, and some OEs are moving away from nitrites EVEN IN heavy duty applications.
  • If you haven’t had an antifreeze training class in the last month, YOU NEED ONE! Call or email us to schedule a free class at your shop.
  • Ask about our NEW Japanese and High Performance European antifreezes.
  • By mentioning this Tech-Tips flyer, and If you schedule a training session, you’ll get ten cents off each gallon of washer fluid!
  • Did you know tap water can be corrosive to aluminum radiators?
  • Did you know Clear Choice now offers High Performance™ Antifreeze for demanding applications?
  • Some heavy-duty antifreezes no longer contain nitrites?
  • Ford has moved away from the G-05 specification?
  • NAP-free antifreeze means the antifreeze does not contain nitrite, amines, or phosphates?
  • Nitrite should not be added to the new NAP-free antifreeze products?
  • The only reliable way to test freeze point is with a refractometer.

The Subaru antifreeze specification requires a non-silicated, non-phosphated product. We recommend Clear Choice NT™ or Clear Choice XL™ for all Subaru applications.

Ford and Chrysler 2007 Specification requires a low-silicate European G-O5 antifreeze. We recommend Clear Choice Gold™ for all 2007-2009 Ford and Chryslers.

Ford 2010 specification requires a lightly phosphated antifreeze. We recommend Clear Choice P-HOAT coolant.

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