Before You Buy Antifreeze

What You Need To Know

  • Does the company you buy from have adequate product liability?
    (At least two million dollars.)
  • Does their gold/universal coolant contain silicates?
    If so, it meets the Ford/Chrysler G-05 spec, but it does not meet the Subaru spec. (Are they trying to tell you that one antifreeze works for all vehicles? It cannot.)
  • Is their antifreeze suitable for diesel vehicles?
    diesel trucks need heavy-duty antifreeze. (This includes Chevy’s Duramax, Ford’s Powerstroke, and Dodge’s Cummins.) Do they sell SCA test strips do verify nitrite levels? Can they tell you what that nitrite level should be?
  • Do they offer online ordering?
  • Do they have a spotless environmental record?
  • Do they “live” answer their phones so you can get immediate customer service and technical support?
  • Ask about water quality. ASTM specifications require distilled water. (De-ionized water is even better.)
  • What are their add-on fees…? An environmental fee? A delivery charge? A trip fee? Drum charges?
    (The answer should be “zero.”)
  • Does their coolant meet the forthcoming E1177-B specification?
  • Can they offer virgin and concentrate formulations?
  • Can you get Audi and VW pink coolants? How about Beemer blue? Can they mix the coolants for you without you having to mess with a four different colors of dye packs?
  • Do they pick up your used antifreeze at no charge?
  • How fast do their pumps deliver antifreeze?
    (Look for an answer that minimizes the impact on your bottom line.)

Clear Choice, Colorado’s Antifreeze Distillation Facility