Clear Choice, Colorado’s leading antifreeze service provider, has been delivering coolant to Denver Metro Area and Front Range customers since 1997.

Antifreeze has changed dramatically
over time

With the introduction of aluminum radiators, many OEs have changed their factory fill.

Many new heavy-duty antifreezes do not contain nitrites, amines, or phosphates. This is the first major shift in North American coolant in the last decade.
Adding nitrites to NAP-free coolants can harm radiators. (Fleet managers, if you’re losing aluminum radiators, we can help.)
The new coolants use new, proven technology that is more environmentally friendly.

Clear Choice has always been Colorado’s leading antifreeze service provider. We’ve been delivering coolant to Denver Metro Area and Front Range customers since 1997. And since then we’ve provided cutting-edge technology as well as training to keep you up to date.

We’re proud to introduce Platinum and Titaniumâ„¢ NAP-free Poly Organic Antifreeze to the Colorado and Wyoming marketplace. Now, more than ever, you need to know Clear Choice. We are uniquely qualified to help you service the needs of your customers, whether you’re a fleet manager, service writer, owner/operator, or technician.

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  • Coolants that meet ASTM and TMC specifications
  • Fully distilled Universal GoldPlus antifreeze
  • Conventional antifreeze
  • Long Life antifreeze
  • Heavy Duty Diesel antifreeze
  • Used Antifreeze Pickup
  • pH Test Strips
  • Heavy Duty Test Strips
  • Floor Gator Premium Absorbent
  • Reichert Refractometers
  • Economy Refractometers
  • Drum Pumps
  • Locomotive Cleaner
  • Supplemental Cooling Additive (SCA)
  • Clear Choice Antifreeze Booster Pack
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