New GoldPlus™


New GoldPlus Environmentally Friendly Coolant

…Clear Choice is leading the market in antifreeze evolution with better, longer-lasting, more environmentally friendly products!

Our GoldPlus™ will continue to be a premium, long-life hybrid organic acid tech antifreeze. But the “Plus” will be that it’s more environmentally friendly.

Molybdate, a heavy metal banned from many other applications, will be removed from our product, beginning immediately.


I have an automotive shop and service passenger cars. Does this mean anything to me?

The short answer is, “No.” You can stop reading. But if you want more info, here it is: Molybdate was added to our coolant because we believe in “belt and suspenders” protection. With today’s more advanced combination of carboxylates and other additives, molybdate is no longer needed. You’ll still be receiving a coolant that offers superior protection, at a very reasonable cost.

I run a heavy-duty shop. What does this mean to me?

When you sample your coolant, you’ll no longer find a molybdate reading on your test strip. Your GoldPlus™ will still meet ASTM D-6210. You will still find 1,200 ppm of nitrite. Your corrosion inhibitor packet will be superior to what you’ve been receiving, meaning exceptional protection for aluminum and all other engine metals. But you can sleep better knowing you’re doing the right thing for the environment and for your fleet.

I run mostly Caterpillar engines. I want my molybdenum!

If you really, really, really want your molybdenum, you can still get it! It’s available by special order, drum-drop, and your pricing will not go up significantly. Be aware, though, that even Cat has recognized the need for less moly. The new Cat coolant only has half the molybdenum of their older coolants.

Are there any other options? I want to do even better for my customers and the environment. And only stocking one coolant would save me a ton of headaches.

Glad you asked! YES. Clear Choice also offers two different coolants that are all organic acid technology based. These superior coolants are the wave of the future. Ford and Chrysler have switched to Organic Acid Technology. Ask us about Platinum™ and Titanium™!

I service Euros and have to stock a dozen different coolants. Some are even $30 a gallon. Can you help?

You bet! All Euros use OAT as a factory fill. Our Platinum™ antifreeze works in all Euros, new and old. You no longer need blue, pink, and gold coolants on the shelf. Save yourself the inventory headache and a pile of money while you’re at it! Ask our Customer Service staff or your Clear Choice Delivery Driver about our handy dye bottles to match the colors you commonly deal with.

Any changes I need to know about in large diesel trucks?

Yep… Most manufacturers have changed their factory fill to a Poly Organic Acid Technology coolant. (Yes, yes, even Cat!) Most manufacturers no longer use nitrite or molybdates. In fact, adding nitrite to a new engine can cause radiator failure! Clear Choice Titanium™ (meets ASTM D-6210) can take away all your antifreeze nightmares. One coolant is the wave of the future. And Titanium™ is typically half the price of OE antifreezes. What could be better? No more worries AND extra money in your budget.