Clear Choice proudly announces a more environmentally friendly GoldPlus™ Antifreeze

Learn what it means to your shop!

Clear Choice Titanium™ Poly Organic Antifreeze

It is the biggest innovation in the marketplace in the last decade. This is the first coolant to be fully compatible with all makes, all models, including diesel and gas engines.
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Clear Choice Platinum Poly Organic Antifreeze

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Clear Choice GoldPlus™ Antifreeze
Global Antifreeze – Gold

The best all-around antifreeze in the business. This premium distilled coolant will top off any system, including trucks and the new Fords. With its unique color, GoldPlus™ won’t significantly change the color of the vehicle’s existing coolant. Find out why many of Colorado’s municipalities trust Clear Choice with their fleets! Guaranteed to -34° F with a robust pH.
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Clear Choice XL™ Extended Life
Premixed Antifreeze – Red

Our Hybrid OAT (Organic Acid Technology) blend is compatible with all long-life antifreeze blends in addition to green antifreeze. This fully distilled antifreeze will top off any cooling system, and, as always, is guaranteed to -34° F!

Clear Choice Heavy Duty NT™
New Technology Antifreeze – Green

Protect your customers’ light duty trucks (Ford Powerstroke, GM Duramax, Isuzu Diesel Engine, Dodge Cummins and more) from cavitation with our special blend of high-nitrite, fully SCA pre-charged antifreeze. Guaranteed to -34° F! Premixed with demineralized water to ensure quality.

Clear Choice Windshield Washer Fluid

As a service to our antifreeze customers, we proudly offer you windshield washer solvent. Our washer fluid is the finest in the business. We blend our windshield washer fluid using 30% methanol to deliver optimal freeze point protection, while giving you the peace of mind of a 100 degree flash point. Since we deliver in bulk, you’ll only pay for what you need. You won’t find a better product on the market. (Available only in select areas, call for details.)

Get started with an “ALL-IN-ONE” Special

  • Includes: 55 gallon drum of Clear Choice Premium Premixed Antifreeze (your choice)
  • EZI-Action double-action drum pump (2 year warranty)
  • 55 gallon used antifreeze collection drum
  • 5 gallon jug of Clear Choice GoldPlus™ (Global) premix antifreeze
  • (Unconditional money-back guarantee on unused portion of all our products!)

Clear Choice Antifreeze TEST KIT

Contains two clarity jars, a refractometer, and Merck pH test strips.
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