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Nitrite Free International At MODOT

The Greeniac crew joined the excellent techs from Products Plus, Inc. on a visit to the Missouri Department of Transportation. We checked out a new International, and we found the radiator was filled with a new nitrite-free coolant, this time … Continue reading

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Finally Saw Poly Organic Antifreeze as a Factory Fill

We’re in the field almost every day. We’ve been expecting to see poly organic, nitrite-free antifreeze as a factory fill for quite some time. We finally saw it. Two 2011 Freightliners had bright red coolant that tested negative for nitrites. … Continue reading

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More Troubles With Aluminum Radiators

Another customer has had to replace¬†two aluminum radiators on brand new equipment. One was close to a thousand dollars to replace. The other was almost fifteen hundred dollars. If you’re having issues, give us a call for more info and … Continue reading

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Meet The Professor

Clear Choice Antifreeze has been in business since 1997. We started in Boulder, Colorado (where else, I mean, really? Where else??). And we were “green” before “green” was cool! Professor Greeniac in his white lab coat has been presenting classes … Continue reading

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Four Reasons for Antifreeze – Reason Number One

Antifreeze is in your system for four very important reasons. The first, seemingly obvious, is anti freeze. You don’t want your car engine freezing up, especially if you live in northern States or if you’re taking a trip to the … Continue reading

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Helicopters and Fun

What a great and fun opportunity for automotive shops next week. ASA Colorado is hosting a free event at Rotors of the Rockies. (What could be better than helicopter rides on a Friday afternoon?) Other neat, fun, interesting stuff includes: … Continue reading

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